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Finally I've managed to get a hold of all the pictures I got from France. So, without further ado, here they are:

In France!Collapse )

Other things I've managed to do this week include passing the driving exam and getting my license! Yay! It feels absolutely incredible not having to worry about bus schedules, and being able to get to places in less than half an hour. I've only managed to shut the car down five times, and none of those times have been in the last three days. I'm starting to understand how our car works! On Tuesday I have my theory exam for truck driving, so I really should go study now... wish me luck!
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Ok, so I know I haven't posted in aaaages... but there hasn't been much to post about. In the last few weeks I have:

- worked
- failed my driving exam (I managed to shut the car down in the middle of an intersection, and couldn't start it for a bloody minute).
- worked some more
- been sick

The only exciting thing I did was go on a 12-day trip to Holland and France, which was absolutely fabulous by the way :) I shall be posting more about it once I get all the pictures from the trip (and be warned, there are a lot).

In other news: I am no longer single.
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Here are some communities I'm in:

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It is finally warm! I was at a culture festival in Helsinki today, and it was warm enough to walk in a t-shirt and shorts. I didn't wear either, since I'm still a little ill, but I did dare to take my winter jacket off.

So yeah, for the last week I've been sick. It was the worst yesterday, when it was raining for most of the day and not too warm. My mom is in Russia for the weekend, and the girl who was supposed to work at one of her market stalls got sick, so ironically, I had to cover for her. I had felt fine two days before, but what do you know, Friday I start getting a cold, and Saturday morning I feel... well, let's just say, less than fabulous. I got to work an hour late, but luckily the guy who was setting up the stall is very laid-back, and he thought I'd be coming in later than him to start with. So, no problem there. I survived the day somehow on a bucket-full of tee with added C-vitamins.

Less than three weeks until I go to Amsterdam! Woo!
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In the Eurovision songs contest AND hockey! Wootwoot!

Well ok, in the Eurovisions we didn't do very well in general, but on the other hand, I didn't really expect us to. But we did give a heck of a show I think :) I mean as in organizing the contest. I liked Apocalyptica's intermission number, and Lordi's music video and show that kicked of the competition were, in the words of the Finnish hosts, probably the most expensive three minutes in Finnish TV-history. All in all, I'm happy with Serbia winning (even though I voted for Ukraine), they had a good song and deserved it :) It's refreshing to have a song NOT sung in English win.

And in hockey we're in the finals!!!!! :D Again, we did better than Sweden, who is playing for silver :P Ha. Hahaha! But we're playing against Canada, which means that it isn't going to be an easy game.

But now, I must get some sleep. I have to get up for work in about six hours. Bleurgh :S
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So, I had my first truck-driving theory lesson today. It was... interesting. Just to give you the general idea: There were 15 people there, and in addition to me there was only one other girl. The rest were guys. More or less butch-looking guys (well, apart from one who looked quite preppy). You know the type: a shaved head or cropped hair, thickset body, piercings, motorbiking gear and a general macho attitude. Ok, so all of them didn't have every single one of those characteristics, but most of them anyway. And then there was me: a very petite girl wearing, conveniently, a lot of pink. Needless to say, I felt a little out of my depth. But on the positive side, three or four of the guys there were quite good-looking, in the macho, exciting, distant sort of way. What can I say; I like my guys a little (read: a lot) on the masculine, mysterious side.
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Booyah! I had my piano exam on Thursday, and I'm very happy with the way it went. There's two parts, and the best grade for both is 5. On one I got 5, and the other 5-. So, go me! :) It's much better than what I expected to get.

Speaking of music, Eurovision song contest is coming up, and can I just say that Finland's entry is... as mediocre as you can get. It's an ok pop song, but nothing spectacular or different. I would have hoped we could have at least mustered up something different or interesting, but apparently not. Instead, we put as out entry an emo, teen angst-y song. I mean seriously, just look at the lyrics: 'Leave me alone, I wanna go home, I feel like dying'? How much more angst-y can it get? And not in a good way either.

But oh well. Truly good or even interesting Eurovision songs are more of an exception than a rule. Most people just watch it to laugh at the more hilarious contestants, and to see just how many times cliches, bad hair, bad outfits and bad songs can be recycled. I can't wait :)
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It is the eve of May Day, and I am supposed to be partying, or at least have partying planned for the evening, just like everyone else. May Day eve is one of the numerous days that Finns use as an excuse to do weird and/or crazy things, and more often that not, get drunk. Last year I was in Helsinki centre to watch them put the graduation cap on Havis Amanda, the statue of a mermaid next to Kauppatori, the central market square. It's a yearly tradition, and it's really quite incredible the amount of people that turn up: we couldn't get closer than maybe 300 metres to the statue because of the crowds, and even we were still relatively close to it. It's annoying when you're in the crowd, but for some reason you always want to go. It's the one day of year (apart for graduation day, for the people that are graduating) that you can wear your graduation cap without people staring at you funny. Also, it is ok wear silly masks and throw confetti around. Who wouldn't want to do that?

This year, however, I'm most likely staying home for the evening. I have work tomorrow, and I don't feel like being half asleep for the entire day. But the reason for my post was actually to just post a few pictures I took today. It's gorgeous and sunny, and there are finally some budding leaves on the trees! Yay! Doesn't stop it being freezing though; it's about +6 degrees (Celcius), but the wind is incredibly strong, and incredibly cold. But anyway, the pictures:

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Nothing spectacularly interesting has been going on for the last week or two here in Espoo, Finland. I go to school for three lessons a week, and the rest of the time I'm either working at the flowershop or sitting at home, practicing for my piano exam. It's next Thursday, and I still have some major refining and memorising to do. In addition to that I had a concert today, have one tomorrow, and then another on Wednesday. And then a fourth one in three weeks. And auditions for music schools (I'm changing to another school, I've been in my current one for so long) in about a month.

But anyway, instead of going on about everyday life, I thought I'd tell a random story about how utterly unimaginative my parents are. You see, a lot of people seem to think that my name is weird (which it is for most foreigners, even for some Finns), so they sometimes ask how I got it. So I tell them: For the first couple of weeks after I was born, my parents just called me 'tyttö', which is Finnish for 'girl'. When they finally were forced to chose an actual name for me, they wanted something that would be as easy to remember as possible. So they thought 'Hey! If we just change the last letter in 'tyttö', it changes into a proper name!'. And so they changed the last letter in the word to an 'i', and hence I got my name, Tytti. So thank you, dear parents, for giving me a name that Finns always confuse with 'tyttö' (leading to some quite embarrassing confusions and long explanations), and foreigners can almost never pronounce correctly. Among the most interesting variations of my name I've heard are 'Titti', 'Titi' (pronounced tighty) and 'Tudey'. Not to mention the obvious nick names, such as Tutti Frutti and Tootsie Roll.

Well, to be totally honest, I'm not really that bothered about the mispronunciations anymore. I find them more funny than anything. But still. It would be nice if there would be some more romantic or interesting story behind my name. I mean, some people are named after a member of their family or some especially famous and/or significant person, or because their parents are religious and have some favourite character in the Bible, or stuff like that. Those stories have a thought, some sort of meaning behind them. But no, I had to be born to practical, down to earth, atheist parents, who gave me a name in probably the most unimaginative way possible.

Having said that, I love and adore my parents and wouldn't change them for anything in the world. One of the things I like about them most is that they are so down to earth and practical. It's just in this one instance that I wouldn't have minded them using a little more creativity. Though even in that case, my name would probably still be unpronounceable to at least foreigners, since most Finnish names are.

This reminds me of how the Finnish language really is quite ridiculous. I mean, in what other language could the following conversation actually make sense:
- Kokoo kokoon koko kokko, Kokko.
- Koko kokkoko?
- Koko kokko.
Kokko kokosi koko kokon.

- Assemble the bonfire, Kokko.
- The whole bonfire?
- The whole bonfire.
Kokko assembled the whole bonfire.

A lot of other languages also don't have 15 cases for nouns, often formed differently for singular and plural versions of the word. Finnish words can also be morphed almost endlessly and beyond comprehension, since most pronouns can be (and are) replaced by suffixes. Hence words such as 'kissoissammekinko?' (also in our cats, in question form). Bear in mind that the basic form would be 'kissa', so with suffixes alone, you have managed to add a commendable 12 letters to the word. And don't even get me started on verbs.

Oh, and just one last random fact: in Finnish it is grammatically correct to string together as many nouns as you want. Basically what this means is that you could put all the nouns in the language together to form one huge compound word and, in a grammatical sense, it would be correct. It just wouldn't mean anything.

Now I must go see if there are any cookies left from the three dozen I baked today. I don't know how, but somehow me and my parents always manage to hoover up anything fatty and sugar-filled between the three of us about twice as fast as most families do.
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I was bored in school today while waiting an hour and a half for my lesson to begin.

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